Website Monitoring

Studies show that while many businesses are investing in expensive metrics packages, they neglect something as obvious as monitoring that their website is up and running. No web metrics package can record data, unless the underlying site is up and running. Incredible as it may seem, many sites that are running expensive marketing campaigns sometimes paying $5 for every click but don't have a reliably functioning site. The search engine charges them for that visitor, even though their site is down.

It happens so often, that some of these sites blame "click fraud" rather than their spotty site. Why would people disregard such an obvious issue. Part of it is the reliability statistics that their web hosting companies claim, that are meant to lull the site owner. However even 99% reliability means that their site will be down around 88 hours every year. That is, or should be unacceptable. Furthermore, there are many other issues DNS entry, communication failure or even billing problems which could cause the site to stop running.

It's also because they don't think it's worth the $60-$200/year/website for monitoring service of their website. They also don't think they would benefit, because they don't have access to E-mail all the time. Imagine the peace of mind, if you could get a website monitoring service that would monitor your site 24/7 and SMS you with an alert as soon as it went down. What if the website monitoring service had a geographical redundancy, so that a different monitoring server could take over if one of the servers stopped working.

What would such a website monitoring service cost? We at 24 hour contact offer a free website monitoring service. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and your website is monitored by multiple servers in US, Korea and Europe. You also get access to reports on our site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Furthermore, we monitor your website on a 5 minute basis, providing you maximum granularity. Sign up before June 30th, 2006 you get a FREE SMS alerting service for life. That means, wherever you are in the world, you would get a SMS message on your cell phone as soon as your site goes down.

This is a very valuable limited time offer and many companies charge up to $300/Year for this service. With 24 Hour Contact, during the promotional period, you get this service, FREE.l


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