Top 5 Free Website Performance Monitoring Tools

It ensures the performance, uptime and functionality of websites and helps web builders improve the user’s experience.
Here is a list of the Top 5 Free Website Performance Monitoring Tools that you can use to monitor the websites that your organization manages and operates: allows you to monitor websites by helping you gain clear visibility of your IT systems.  Their website monitoring tool allows you to identify the issue promptly so that you can get on with the fixing process at the earliest. With this service, you can monitor website uptime and response time, server health, custom metric, network performance and several other performance variables.


SiteUptime helps you eliminate downtime through the use of advanced remote monitoring services for your website. Whenever your website goes down, this service will notify you immediately via email or SMS, so that you can fix the problem at the earliest. In addition, SiteUptime also provides you with a detailed list of statistics regarding your website’s availability and response time, which will help you figure out how often your site is down. The service is offered free of charge, although you have two upgrade options – the standard plan at $10 per month and the Pro Plan at $20 per month.


This is an easier, faster and more efficient way to monitor the performance of your websites, servers and online services. The service also enables you to monitor servers from the cloud, and notifies you of outages. The root cause analysis provided by Site24x7 helps reduce the time required to repair issues and take corrective measures at the earliest. The service also provides comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls and assists network teams to get a more in-depth performance analysis to manage complex networks. This service is available for free, as well as with premium package options.

Dotcom Monitor

Services provided by the Dotcom Monitor include website monitoring, web application and business transaction, network device monitoring, reporting, analysis and graphs, web load stress test, notifications and escalation, multi-user support, etc. The company has had many innovative ‘firsts’, including the 1-minute monitoring, “image match” transaction monitoring, phone-based alerts and a lot more. Various monitoring packages are provided by Dotcom Monitor, including free ones.


This is a tool that checks the status of your website regularly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that whenever the website is down, you can fix it at the earliest. This service also provides an alert feature to notify you when the site status changes from up to down. All you have to do is enable these alerts and you are all set. SiteProbe is offered for free for 90 days, and after that the basic service would cost you $1 per month.

If you’re an IT-based company, website performance monitoring tools would be very relevant to your business. Do not compromise on business activity and ensure the optimum performance of your website with these website performance monitoring tools.