Top 7 Website Monitoring and Blocking Software

Whether you’re a concerned parent or an employer who wants to monitor and block websites to increase employee productivity, you need the ideal monitoring software to assist with the process.
Here are the top 7 website monitoring and blocking software:


This is a website monitoring service that allows you to keep check on what websites are being visited on a particular computer. Every website that is accessed is saved in a chronological order for your review. The website statistics will give you a summary of the top 10 visited websites, so that you can get a quick overview of what the employees are watching on their computer.


This software allows you to track browsing activities, monitor web usage, control internet access and block websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It allows you to create URL black and white lists, put HTTPS filters, monitor bandwidth, and capture screens remotely.


To ensure that your company computers are being used safely and appropriately, WebWatcher enables you to monitor and block certain websites. Its Website Recording Service enables you to see every website visited, the time it was visited at, the total number of visits and the type of searches that were completed. You can also block web pages based on specific content on the page, using a sophisticated program.

The Web Blocker

This is a 100% free service that allows you to control the internet usage on specific computers. You can block any website on the internet on a user-to-user basis, monitor internet history, block websites for all users on a particular PC or put password protection on certain programs. So whether it is parental control or employee control, you can do them both with this software.

Browse Reporter

This is an internet usage monitoring software that helps you keep track of the internet browsing activity. It monitors the sites visited and can identify the employees that misuse the company’s property and time. It also produces detailed internet tracking reports that allow you to analyze the improvements and changes in organizational productivity and its connection to what websites are being visited the most.

GFI Web Monitor

GFI Monitor allows you to place controls on certain websites as per your organization’s policies. The social control allow you to block social media websites during work hours and enable you to control access without completely blocking the site. The remote filtering option enables you to apply filtering policies and web monitoring even when the PC is not connected to the company’s internet network. Other options with this service include search engine monitoring, transparent proxy control, application control, etc.

Work Examiner

This software provides you with detailed information of user activities – in real time. You can get live screenshots, active application details, “away” status details and so on. The software also provides you with interactive reports with a complete view of what employees are doing on their PCs.

Monitoring software such as these can help you keep an eye on what is going on at home and at work. These software can be used in a non-invasive or undisruptive manner to give you the highest levels of productivity without causing privacy issues.